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How to get organized for school and work

It’s the back to school season again and most people are getting ready to go back if they haven’t already. With this, comes the adjustments of waking up early, having a set schedule and a daily routine.. Whether you’re in school or going back to work, that can lead to getting somewhat flustered and cause chaos especially if you’re not organized. Most people talk about getting organized for the new year, but what about when summer is over and it’s time to go back to school/and or work? Well, I’m going to tell you some key ways of how you can get easily organized for school or work.

Throw out the clutter

The first step you want to take with organizing your space is to throw out what you don’t need. Get rid of everything such as old school papers,broken Usb’s , and work assignments that you know you definitely won’t use in the future. Throw away everything that is not a needed based on your needs for the space. If you are organizing your workspace with your desk, start by cleaning out all your drawers and shelves one by one getting rid of all products that are no longer used. You can also sale the items that you longer need at a discounted price instead of completely tossing them in the trash if they are of quality. Those same items could be used to benefit someone else even though they are not functional to you. This simple step will help you not only throw out the clutter, but assist with figuring out exactly what you do need for your

Get organizational decor

Once you get rid of the clutter, it’s time to organize the items that you are keeping. It’s very simple to do this by getting some organizational decor. You can pick up some drawer dividers to keep all your items in one place. Another great organizational item you can use is labels. You can label your drawers, containers, jars, etc.. to help find exactly what you need and where you placed your items. You can pick up many organizational decor at stores such as the container store, Ikea and target. Many other retail stores will carry these same organizational decor as well.

Set up an organizational system

Once you organize your space, you want it to stay organized. In order to do this, you need to set up some type of organizational system. Get a calendar, a notebook, or a whiteboard in order to keep all your activities and events you need to attend all together. Even though getting an organizational tool such as a notebook keeps your daily tasks organized, it also helps with your space because you know what you need or need to take with you for the day. This not only helps with organization, but also unwanted stress that may come from not be being organized.

If your looking to organize your space, I suggest all these tips as they will make organizing very easy, stress free and simple.

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Must Have Summer Decor

Have no fear because summer is still here!! Even though it’s slowing down and kids are going back to school, you still have time to enjoy the last couple of weeks of summer. It’s time to have one last party or gathering and just relax. Previously on the blog, I gave you the top three decor items needed for a summer party, but today I’m showing you the must have summer decor that you must have and can use even when the season is over and beyond. So when the time comes that summer is officially over, you can still have decor to not only remind you of the memories you made, but the memories to come and great pieces to add to your space.


Bar cart

Fruit bowl

Decorative trays

Drink cups

Marquee sign

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How to design based of your inspired environment

We love to celebrate thriving culture especially being located in the bay area. There is something about your environment and the area you live in that has a way of providing all types of inspiration, creation and motivation. Sometimes, you want whatever inspires and motives you to be seen throughout your space. You want that inspiration to be around you all the time because it is your passion. It could be travel, fashion or even sports. Due to this, I will tell  you  three simple tips to help you design a space for whatever your passion and inspiration may be.


Choose a room

You want decide what room you want your inspiration design to be in. It could be your bedroom, living room or an office. This also helps to know what pieces you need to shop for depending on what the function of the room is.  This will be your own space of sanctuary and peace that will motivate and inspire you with your passions so pick a room that you want  to have that feeling every time you walk into it.


This is probably one of the most important tips. This is where all your creativity  comes into play. This is where you can truly be yourself and showcase whatever inspires you. Let’s say you love traveling… can customize artwork for your space based on the places you travel. You could even get a nice looking map art piece to hang up on the wall. You can be as creative as you’d like to be with customizing because their is no right or wrong way based on what interest you.


In order to find what you like, you have to get out and explore your city and environment. Try out the latest restaurants, hotpots, parks and events. You could even go to something as simple as a flea market. Just by going to that type of outing, you might find the piece to assist with your inspirational designed room. Let’s say you are designing a fashion themed  space, you might find decorative shelving to showcase your handbags or a unique jewelry holder for a side table.

Hope you enjoyed all these simple design tips and be sure to have fun with whatever you decide to create!

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Top Three decor items needed for a Summer Party

Summer, Summer, Summer time!! It’s officially the season for swimsuits, beach floats, barbecues and summer fun. With this season comes so many events and the need for summer parties. You’ve probably got parties to throw of your own and parties to attend ranging from small birthday gatherings to  family reunions.  Let’s not  forget to Summer parties require food, drinks, and my favorite, DECOR. I’m going to tell you the top three decor items needed for the perfect summer party.

Top Three

Centerpiece-the centerpiece sets the aesthetic tone for the table. Most people think of the centerpiece as just flowers in a vase, but it can be so much more and bring so much to  the space. With centerpieces you can get just  as creative as you’d like  especially when it comes to decorating a centerpiece  for a summer party. A centerpiece can be flowers scattered across the the table with a spread of tasty food in the center or a collections of candles grouped together, fruit filled jars or even something completely out the box like an inspirational message going down the table.

Lighting- Now, the centerpiece sets the aesthetic tone for the table at the summer party, but the lighting sets the mood. It will really set the mood especially if your having a party at night. Lighting for a summer party can be so much fun especially when you play around with a variety  of different types of lights. The most common type of lighting you see at summer parties are  paper lanterns and string lights. I believe these are so common because they are so festive and  just fun to decorate with.

Outdoor Furniture-The most major decor items of any summer party is the the outdoor furniture. This is a given for any summer party because your family and friends  need a place to sit, rest, relax, eat and socialize. Outdoor furniture does not have to be fancy at all. You can literally have a wooden table, dress it  up with decorations, add chairs with seat cushions and you are good to go. Outdoor furniture can also consist of pillows/cushions spread out across the grass  over a blanket.

So, these are the top three decor items that I believe are needed for any summer party. Whether it’s a backyard cookout or large celebration,  as long as you have these decor items, you will be all set to entertain your family and friends.



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Key useful tools you need as a interior designer

As a interior designer, I’m always using tools in order to help and assist me as a designer. In whatever field/craft you’re  in, you always want to use the necessary tools in order to to get better at the profession. Practice make perfect right? This is no different when it comes to being a interior designer. I’m searching for what’s new or what can be useful in order to perfect my design skills. The tools that I use are readily available and can be learned by anyone so if you’re thinking of taking the plunge as a designer, you can simply start of with these key tools.

Measuring tape

This is a MUST have as a designer as you need to be able to measure rooms and know the correct dimensions of whatever it is that you are designing. A measuring tape guides you  simply to make sure items are the correct size and proportion in any type of room. As designer, you need to know the width of door to ensure the comfy sofa you like will actually fit through it without any damage to it. It’s a simple tool once you learned how to read it and much needed  for any interior design of a room.

Architecture scale

This is somewhat similar to a measuring tape, but more useful if you are actually designing a room from scratch. If you are planning out the entire room such as the windows, doors, closets etc. Its’s more of specialty tool that’s inexpensive, but useful if your drawing floor plans by hand as a designer. When I went to design school, there was a class I took named basic drafting and that’s where I first learned how to use this key tool.


This comes in handy  when it comes to jotting down ideas, furniture/ decor pieces or just planning  quick layouts for your design. A sketchbook is a key tool that comes in handy when you least expect it. You might see a dope space  that inspires you to incorporate certain furniture or decor in your own space so why not  write it down in a sketchbook so you don’t forget.


This a very very important tool as this is where all you’re creativity is coming from.  Imagining a great design is the first step to actually making it  happen. Our imaginations take us far beyond what we think is possible. As corny as it sounds, you can use your imagination to come up with some great  fresh designs, whether it be for yourself  or for someone else. All designs can be achieved with some imagination, planning and all the required tools.




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How to use design apps for inspiration and space planning

Technology today  has advanced in so many ways that we can use it for almost everything. Within minutes, I can have a tasty sandwich in my hands  or order a cute handbag that will be  on my door step within a week. I mean, it’s almost necessary for a company to have a website  and all the social media platforms in order to promote it as well. With all this being said, why wouldn’t  I start using these newly invented design apps to help with decor and design aesthetics  in my home. With the advancement of such technology, I’m taking full advantage and sprucing up my apartment like no other and so should you.  Below are a few ways that you can use design apps not only for inspiration, but for space planning as well.

  1. Trends— Nine times out of ten, you can find a some design app with the latest trends. Now, most design and magazines are up on the latest trends as they want to appeal to the consumer and bring a new sort of flare to the design world. This is not to say that you have to design you own decor around these so called trends, but they can help with selecting various furniture pieces, colors,  and accessories for your space.
  2. Ideas— Design apps are filled with  examples of rooms that have certain design styles ranging from modern, traditional, bohemian and industrial.  With so many design styles, you may have a certain idea you want to convey in your home and these design apps can assist with that by having the perfect solution for your particular design style.
  3. Space planning— To me, this is a important function of a design app.  It’s a must that you see how furniture pieces will fit in you space and how  they can be used to function properly and easily within your home. Even most furniture stores these days have some some sort of program where you can build your room and put in actual dimensions of  the room so that it’s true to size. Once those dimension are in place, you can begin playing around with the arrangement of chairs, sofas, etc.

So if you are ever in a design funk, I highly suggest browsing the web for some design apps that will have you inspired, but also have  you excited to begin your designs.

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Design for your Mother’s Day gift

Tomorrow is Mother’s day and the best day to show and tell your mom how much you love her. After all,  you want her to feel like she didn’t go through all that pain for nothing…lol. Mother’s Day is so special and you want to truly make your mother feel loved, appreciated and very special. There are so many gift ideas that come to mind like treating her out to dinner, buying her a gift she always wanted, or just spending some quality time together. You can do all those things and more, but if you really want to make your momma  feel special, why not be creative and design for her. Yes, you read correct, be creative and design as a Mother’s Day gift. When I say design, I don’t mean give her a complete house renovation, I simply mean create something special from the heart that she can remember for years ( I know that’s written on card somewhere). Now, It doesn’t  take anything but some time and thought to create a nice little something for a person who gave  you life. Below are some ideas that I  think would be perfect design gifts for your mother.

Make your own Bouquet

Mix and match flowers of your choice to create a perfect combination that you think your mother would like. Every woman loves flowers once in a while and who’d be better to receive flowers as a special gift. She could even use them as a nice center piece on the table  for decoration.

DIY  card project

Do it yourself.  Just make something that you know your mom would like. No need to spend tons of money  when you can create it yourself. You could make your own mother’s day card. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the cards at the store just don’t say what I want them to. To avoid this, I like to make a card myself. After all, it’s your mom and only  you  can express how much she means to you.

Design the day

Design the day around whatever it is that interest your mom. This idea is like when you were a kid and your mom would play dress up with you, but this time instead of  your mom entertaining  you, you entertain her. You could plan a  home made spa day where you get manicures, pedicures and style her hair. You could also cook her favorite meal or help her with something that she’s been working on. It could be as simple as helping her  reorganize her closet or finding her the perfect outfit for a special event she’s going to.

I hope these design ideas were helpful, but I’m sure your  mother will like whatever you decide to gift her with.



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Top budget friendly decor/furnitures stores

It has been one hell of a week and weekend, but there is nothing like easing that stress with some shopping, decor shopping to be exact. Now, if you guys are anything like myself, then you  are most likely on a budget when it comes to this decor and furniture game. When you just starting out, you have so many more important things to worry about (school loans, gas, food) so leisure shopping for furniture has to be on a budget. After all, saving a little bit of change is always a good idea. I’m here to give you the top budget friendly decor stores that will have you space looking good, but your wallets too!! Now you can’t be argue with that……

Home Goods

Who doesn’t love home goods? I’m serious, home goods has so much decor  that it makes my head spin ( in a good way of course). I personally go to home goods strictly for accessories.  They have tons of accessories ranging from all types of design styles from modern, traditional and even just some  cute takeaways just to have so take a trip to home goods when you have the chance.


Yes, don’t sleep on Marshall’s because they have some great furniture pieces. They have some really nice  bar stools, chairs and aide tables that I’d definitely by. Too bad, I don’t have a bar in my current place, other wise I’d be there like it was 5am for black Friday sale. Don’t judge, I’m  all about the getting the bag, but like to save when I have it.  Not only are the prices pretty good, but sometimes items are marked even lower if they’ve been in the store for a while.

Tj Max

I’ve always been a sucker for for Tj, but lately, he has been sweeping me off  my feet in the aesthetics department. I usually shop here for some  nick knacks here and there, but  he has some really great textiles. Whenever I’m thinking of switching up the sofa pillows or bedding, I usually here case I know I will get a good price.


Now, some may say that  this store is questionable as far as budget friendly goes, but to me, Target is budget friendly especially for the quality. I don’t know who’s the buyer or merchandiser for Target these days, but they have turned up the decor/design  style. Every single time I’m here, it’s a must I look at the decor area. I mean, the pillows, tables, faux plants, mirrors, vases are  just dope. I could go on and on, but  Target is one of my favorites.


Need I say more, it’s Ikea, the mother of budget friendly decor and furniture. You can get a  larger bookcase, entertainment center or just some new dish towels here. They  have it all and  it’s all in one place which can be very convenient for many people. Let’s not forget to mention the prices as they are pretty cheap. I also like Ikea because you can mix and match so many of the items with each  even if they don’t go together.

So  these are my top budget friendly decor stores, but I know there has to a lot more out there. I can’t wait to them out one day!

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5 ways to make your home feel more spring

It’s spring time!!  and if your anuthing like myself, that means more changes to my apartment since so many  furniture stores  have their new spring collection available. Now, I’m not usually  that type of chick that craves  bright spring colors like pink an purples, but those spring color along with other spring decor are so refreshing and festive that it puts you in the mindset of the spring season. Spring not only brings about blooming flowers, vibrant fly clothing,  but also gatherings and parties like festivals, birthdays, and graduations. With these events,  you ant to spice up your space for the season. Below are 5 ways on exactly how to do that.


1.Paint the walls

Yes, paint  or even decal the walls to refresh the space. You don’t even need to paint  the whole wall, it can just be one to serve as an accent wall. You just want a new color to  brighten up the space to add some spring flare.

2. Add textiles

Textiles all day everyday, you see new pillows, curtains, and rugs can also add color for spring,but also give you a whole new style to the space. You may be in the mood for a more spring feeling as well as a eclectic or modern approach to your decor.

3. Reorganize

It’s that time of the year to spring clean which means it’s time to get organized. Put away the  sofa throws, sweater pillows and  all that  extra winter  or non winter clutter that you no longer need or that’s not useful for this time of year. It the time to clean, refresh, rejuvenate and organize for the upcoming summer months

4. Add new decorative pieces

Thinking about getting those new vases or shelves? go ahead. New decorative pieces give that extra “umph” to a space. You probably get bored looking at the same decor pieces day in and day put so why not buy new just in time for spring.

5. Add fresh plants/flowers

If you read my previous post Plant Life, then you know why plants are great benefits for a space. They bring a little bit of outside inside and provide some greenery so  what better time of the year to incorporate plants and flowers. I’m sure you see nice looking flowers just by simply walking down the street during your lunch break so bring that pretty feeling into your space so you can experience it all the time.


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DIY: How to make your own marble tray

Hope you’ve had a great weekend, I know I did because I was able to make this really nice DIY marble tray. I’ve always wanted a marble tray, but didn’t want to go out and spend money in order to get one which I’m sure is expensive.  Since I didn’t want to  buy one, I decided to make my own using a shoe box top. I’m currently reorganizing my closet so using a shoe box was the perfect option for me. This marble tray was a very easy DIY  to make, and not to mention, it also looks good for half the price of a real marble tray. In order to make this, I simply measured all four side of the top and cut the marble contact paper to that size, then peeled the paper and stuck it on smoothly to the top. Below is a list of materials if you decide to try this DIY for yourself.


  • Shoe box top
  • marble contact paper
  • measuring tape
  • scissors